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Welcome to TaleTown, our magical world of enchanting audio tales for listeners aged 3-15. With TaleTown in your pocket, it’s always story time! Begin your adventure by downloading TaleTown from the app store today.


Who we are

TaleTown is a visionary team dedicated to enriching children’s lives through the art of storytelling.


What we do

We craft captivating audio stories that spark imagination and inspire creativity in children aged 3-15.


How we do it

We deliver immersive listening experiences that encourage children to visualize and dream, all without the need for a screen.


Play Your Part in Our Tale

Whether your kids are passionate readers hungry for awesome stories or our next generation of superstar writers, TaleTown is the place for them!

Our safe and inclusive digital community is the #1 destination for original tales written by brilliant authors waiting to be told and heard.

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New Tales Each Week!

You’re never far from a fantastic new narrative when you’re a resident of TaleTown… In fact, each and every week we welcome a new story to our ever-growing collection of immersive audio tales.

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What others are saying about us

“Our evenings have been transformed thanks to TaleTown’s incredible story library. The variety and richness of the stories have captivated my children, sparking their imaginations like never before. It’s wonderful to see them so engaged, eagerly anticipating what each new tale has to offer.”

Emma Parent of Two

“I love listening to stories on TaleTown before bedtime. The adventures are amazing, and the characters feel like my friends. It’s like traveling to new worlds every night!"

Lucas Age 9

“TaleTown has become an invaluable tool in my classroom. The stories are not only entertaining but also enrich the children’s vocabulary and understanding of different cultures. It’s a joy to see their excitement for reading grow with each story.”

Mrs. Patel Third Grade Teacher